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Total-Quality Success within Independent Schools

Enhancing Learning Ltd are delighted to be supporting a number of Independent Schools and British International Schools, both home and abroad.  We focus on building high leadership capital, throughout the school, and improving the quality of teaching and learning.  Every face-to-face programme is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the school and is planned following an initial consultation with the Senior Leaders.

In addition to face-to-face PD, Enhancing Learning Ltd will continue to offer an exceptional series of virtual PD programmes throughout 2023/2024

The Total-Quality Success Virtual PD Series (2023/2024)

This series of virtual professional development programmes offers an opportunity for educational leaders, teachers and teaching assistants to engage in high-quality learning and development, within specifically structured professional learning communities.
Participants will have the chance to explore up-to-date and relevant content, inquire into complex professional issues and scenarios and develop essential competencies, all within a carefully structured professional framework and curriculum.
Each programme consists of six 2-hour virtual modules which will be supported through a learning management system, specific tools and resources.


Total Quality Senior Leadership

A programme for Head Teachers, Deputy Heads and Assistant Heads that seeks to explore the role of senior leaders in establishing and maintaining highly successful schools, built on the foundations of strong professional cultures.


Total-Quality Middle Leadership


Leading a Successful Coaching Culture


Leading a Culture of Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health

A programme for Middle Leaders, including Subject Leaders and Team Leaders, that seeks to increase leadership capital and build confidence in supporting whole school continuous improvement.

A programme specifically designed for appointed members of a school community who have a responsibility for building and developing an authentic coaching culture.

A programme specifically designed for appointed Wellbeing Leads This programme will explore the essentials for a school culture built around wellbeing and PMH


Leading Total-Quality Teaching

A 'train the trainer' type programme for appointed lead learners with a responsibility for professional development. The programme focuses on supporting participants in how they lead and develop high-impact teaching throughout their school.


Total-Quality Teaching in Every Classroom

A programme designed to support all teachers in increasing their knowledge and understanding of significant pedagogical techniques and teaching practices that have the greatest effect size on pupil outcomes.


Total-Quality Teaching Assistants

This programme looks to support HLTAs and Teaching Assistants in how they can support the planning and delivery of effective learning experiences in every classroom.

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The Programmes

What Independent Schools are saying about our programmes 

Your leadership training was, by far, the very best thing I have ever done in my whole career and it was the one programme that enabled me to become a more confident leader. I have done the NPQ programmes but none of them compared to your leadership programme. Thank you.

(H. Matthews - Senior Leader - Wellington College)

After over 15 years as a teacher, this has been the best professional development I have ever received and it has made a huge difference to how I choose to teach. Every module has been incredibly worthwhile and just full of brilliant ideas. Thanks Andy.

(V . Phillips Team Leader and Teacher - Dulwich College)

Having just completed the NPQSL, I can honestly say I have gained so much more from your programme. It's been an amazing journey. Thank You.

(S . Hurworth - Senior Leader - Harrow College, Beijing)


Thank you so much for what has been the best leadership course I’ve attended. It has been so thought provoking and valuable and has given me lots of tools and ideas that I shall be using going forwards.

(R.Steele - Senior Leader)

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