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A Leadership Mastermind for Teacher Leaders

Building high leadership capital in all school leaders


This programme has been designed to consider the ever changing role of the teacher leader and their contribution within a highly effective school. The role of teacher leader has changed beyond recognition and they are now expected to play a major role in effective and continual school improvement. The role has changed from one of maintenance to authentic leadership and individuals should look to hold themselves accountable to these new practices that are required within this role.


  • To improve a school's leadership capital by increasing the leadership confidence and competence of each individual

  • To engage current and aspiring teacher leaders in a rigorous professional learning programme that increases leadership capital

  • To support teacher leaders in building a deep understanding about high-impact leadership

  • To identify a set of essential leadership practices for effective leadership and to support each individual in building competency within each of these practices

This programme is an opportunity for your school to:

  • ignite passion, grow influence, and amplify the impact your leaders have within your school

  • develop high-potential individuals by improving the foundational capabilities of leadership

  • function with leaders who demonstrate a leadership growth mindset and who will then contribute to the success of the organisation, regardless of their position, status or authority

  • prepare high-potential talent to take on significant roles as a way of future proofing your school against a culture of dependence

  • gain resilient leaders with the confidence to develop personal responsibility, create an environment of trust and elevate the performance of others in direct alignment with the school's vision, values, mission and purpose

  • gain access to the critical factors that drive team performance and the tools to impact develop the mental resilience and emotional agility, allowing greater clarity, confidence, satisfaction and engagement to arise

'By far the most impactful CPD I have ever been involved in.

The fact that you didn’t simply impart knowledge or theory but encouraged us to assimilate our own ideas through careful questioning was a key learning point for me.'.

L Bennet - Maths Subject Lead and Primary Teacher (Doha College)

Elementary Art Class

'I just wanted to say how inspiring this whole programme has been but that is thanks to you and how you delivered the course. I have left the course feeling energised and motivated to become a better middle leader.  Thank you so much Andy'

L Wilson - Head of Early Years (Wandsworth - London)


Over six modules, participants will be supported through a series of processes for increasing leadership capacity and an ability to lead a subject area or team that focuses on maximising pupil outcomes. It addresses the key issues of what contributes to success as a teacher leader and the essential tasks and practices that are needed to ensure maximum impact.

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This programme has been designed around three key cornerstones:

1. The accountability of self

Module 1 - Getting clarity - Developing a greater understanding and awareness of high-impact leadership

Module 2 - The leader in me - Developing authentic leadership accountability
Issues explored include:

  • Asking the right questions as a leader

  • Steps to early success as a teacher leader

  • Being proactive as a teacher leader

  • Understanding where the journey starts

  • Four levels of Leadership accountability

  • Defining a clear purpose

2. The changing role

Module 3 - Doing what matters - Recognising key leadership practices for success
Module 4 - Getting better at getting better - Building confidence and competence

Issues explored include:

  • Inquiring into impact - The main influences on pupil outcomes

  • Being an influential leader and ensuring continuous improvement

  • Looking at the bigger picture - Inspiring school-wide excellence

  • Thinking ahead - Considering visioning and strategic thinking at a teacher leader level

  • A model for improvement - Being self-directed and responsible.

3. The future context

Module 5 - Being courageous - Leading with consistency and high-expectations

Module 6 - Beyond a deep-dive - Identifying priorities for continuous improvement

Issues explored include:

  • Leading whole-school excellence in teaching and learning

  • How teacher leaders increase capacity in those they lead

  • Striving for consistency - A clear focus on pedagogical principles that have the greatest impact on pupil outcomes

  • Clarity precedes competence...Understanding high-effect practices on pupil outcomes

  • Identifying an agreed strategy for improving classroom practice - Everyone continually looking to get better.

Notebook and Pen



16th November 2023

22nd January 2024

6th March 2024

25th April 2024

5th June 2024

2nd July 2024
Timings :

3:30pm to 5:30pm (All Modules)
£240 P.P.  (+ vat)
- to include leadership e-workbook and resources

To provisionally reserve a place on this programme, please use the link below:

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