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Stepping Stones
A Leadership Mastermind for Senior Leaders including Deputy Heads, Assistant Heads and other members of the SLT

No organisation can be a great organisation without high leadership capital.

For future educational leadership to have a continual impact, there is a need for all senior leaders to master and demonstrate a modern set of leadership behaviours and attitudes.

This programme offers the knowledge and skills to enable senior leaders to articulate a vision for increasing capacity for improvement and to design and implement an appropriate strategy for whole school improvement that is focused on maximising pupil outcomes. It addresses the ‘big picture’ of what contributes to organisational success and the role played by senior leaders in optimising cultural capital that maximise learning through focusing on results.



  • To improve school outcomes by increasing leadership capital

  • To develop, establish and embed a professional learning programme for current Senior Leaders and SLTs

  • Ensuring consistency in the quality of leadership and management and succession planning.

  • To increase professional awareness and understanding of organisational success and the sustainable leadership competencies needed to lead a school in an ever-changing and complex world.


There are virtually no documented instances of outstanding schools being developed without the leadership by highly-effective leaders. Many other factors may contribute to such developments, but leadership is the catalyst.

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Over six modules, participants will explore techniques required to lead highly successful school teams, adding value and purpose to any organisation, through effective leadership strategies and insight into the process of effective decision-making.
The programme will investigate how a Senior Leaders and Senior Leadership Teams can maximise their influence using practical processes and frameworks and gain a deeper understanding of their leadership qualities, aligning these with the organisation’s core purpose and goals.

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This programme has been designed around three key cornerstones:

1. The inner-self of successful leadership

Module 1 - The 3 Contexts of Senior Leadership

Module 2 - Developing Versatility as a Senior Leader 

Issues explored include:

  • The relationship between effective leadership and organisational capital

  • Defining high performance senior leadership in the context of a modern school

  • How senior leaders increase leadership capital in other leaders

  • Outlining the key principles for future success within any school

  • Identify common barriers to increasing a school's capacity for improvement

2. The Context of Role

Module 3 - The key principles for total quality success

Module 4 - Rigorous evaluation of what matters

Issues explored include: 

  • How do we define success?

  • Professional processes for increasing capacity

  • All about 2 types of accountability

  • Human Capital - Ensuring all staff are moving forward

  • Critical analysis and identification of interferences

3. The future context

Module 5 - Creating something remarkable
Module 6 - Identifying a realistic future

Issues explored include:

  • Understanding the key features of an authentic professional learning community

  • Moving from CPD towards CPL - Changing the narrative

  • A culture of deep professional thinking and learning

  • Processes and systems for rigorous reflective inquiry

  • High impact and high frequency.  Making the most of what works

  • What next? Identifying a priority for a learning agenda

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Timings :

9:30am  - 11:30am (All Modules)
£240 P.P.  (+ vat)
- to include leadership e-workbook and resources

To provisionally reserve a place on this programme, please use the link below:

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