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Increasing effectiveness of all teams


Each virtual classroom/workshop has been designed around an inquiry-approach towards effective leadership, engaging participants in deep professional thinking and learning and aims to:

Explore 5 key concepts of conscious leadership
Consider a set of sustainable competencies of a successful leader
Build an inquiry-stance around the characteristics of a strong, vibrant team culture Support participants in creating a vision that inspires members of their team community Examine how leaders build capacity within every member of their team

This programme offers the knowledge and skills to enable leaders to create and articulate a vision for increasing capacity for improvement and to design and implement an appropriate strategy for whole team improvement that is focused on maximising success and improved outcomes. It addresses the ‘big picture’ of what contributes to team success and the role played by leaders in optimising cultural conditions that maximise learning through focusing on results.

Office Meeting


High-Impact Non-Educational Team Leaders has been specifically designed for non- educational Team Leaders, including Office/Business Managers, Site Managers and IT Team Leaders. This programme seeks to support individuals in how they lead and develop high performing teams with significant capacity for continual growth.

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This programme has been designed around three key themes:

Stage One - The Context of Self

Module 1 - Being clear from the start...A True North

Module 2 - Learning to be a leader
Issues explored include:

  • The type of leader I want to be

  • A continual process of self-improvement

  • Performance vs Potential

  • Understanding the context of a leader

  • Being able to articulate the complexities of your role, as a leader

  • A clear picture of high leadership capital

Stage Two - The Context of Role

Module 3 - Key Leadership Practices

Module 4 - Leading a successful team

Issues explored include:

  • Recognising leadership as an essential set of practices Leadership as a relationship

  • Considering the role of influence as an effective leader

  • Identifying different types of teams

  • Building a strong culture for success

  • Investigating how to conduct difficult conversations as part of a leadership practice

Stage 3 - The Context of Context

Module 5 - Developing a clear vision for future improvement

Module 6 - Where now?
Issues explored include:

  • How leaders embed effective processes for continuous improvement

  • Getting better at getting better - A rigorous approach to evaluation

  • Considering a set of new ways for future effectiveness

  • Creating an action plan for team improvement, using an array of resources and approaches

  • Outlining future trends and predictions for team leadership

  • Articulating what the future of leadership means for you, as a leader

  • Reflecting on your key learnings and takeaways from this programme

Team Meeting


Dates:  TBC
Timings : 9:30am to 11:30am
£200 P.P.  (+ vat)
- to include leadership e-workbook and resources

To provisionally reserve a place on this programme, please use the link below:

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