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Leading a High-Impact Coaching Culture

A culture of continuous improvement


A programme specifically designed for appointed members of a school community who have a responsibility for building and developing an authentic coaching culture. The programme will explore different formats of coaching processes and how leaders ensure coaching is embedded into the core of a school culture.


  • To improve a school's human capital by embedding a culture of professional coaching

  • To engage coaching leads in a professional development programme that increases their awareness and responsibility of different types of coaching processes

  • To support coaching leads in building a deeper understanding about how coaching and coaching processes impact on the success of an organisation

  • To identify a set of essential coaching practices and to support each individual in building competency within each of these practices

  • To support coaching leads in designing and implementing a clear vision for professional coaching within their organisations



  • Over six modules, participants will be supported through a series of processes for introducing, developing and embedding a coaching culture and an ability to lead the development of coaching that focuses on maximising pupil outcomes through increased human capital. A true coaching culture is just ‘part of the way we do things around here’ and is recognised as being a vital process in increasing capacity and overall organisational effectiveness.

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This programme has been designed around three key themes:

1. Stage One - Begin with the end in mind

Module 1 - Understanding and awareness of a coaching culture

Module 2 - A vision for what could be
Issues explored include:

  • The purpose and principles of a culture of coaching

  • Understanding the ‘why’ of a culture for coaching

  • Defining a culture of coaching

  • 3 Key elements for professional learning

  • Being coach-like... An essential professional behaviour

2. Stage Two - Facilitating the improvement of others

Module 3 - Identifying key practices

Module 4 - Increasing confidence and competence

Issues explored include:

  • The common barriers to success ... Seeking to understand by exploring interferences

  • A coaching conversation - Levels of Listening

  • Being like Socrates...Asking the right questions

  • A structure of worthwhile professional dialogue...Conversations that lead to action

  • Leading structured and worthwhile reflection

3. Stage 3 - A clear future strategy

Module 5 - What got us to here, won't get us to there

Module 6 - Identifying priorities for continuous improvement

Issues explored include:

  • Being able to identify the Ideal Self - How will our culture look in the future?

  • A cultural audit - Perspective seeking and identifying the true self.

  • Steps to introducing and building a culture of coaching

  • Put first things first - Identifying priorities and first steps to success

  • Securing a commitment to improvement

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Timings :

1:30pm to 3:30pm (All modules)
£240 P.P.  (+ vat)
- to include leadership e-workbook and resources

To provisionally reserve a place on this programme, please use the link below:

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