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HLTAS as Leaders

Learning how to lead


HLTAs as Leaders is a professional development programme, specifically designed for HLTAs and looks to support them in developing leadership capacity and an ability to lead colleagues. The programme consists of 6 specifically designed modules, with each module focusing on a discreet aspect of being an effective H.L.T.A. and leader.

HLTAs as Leaders looks to support individuals in how they can be proactive in supporting and leading the planning and delivery of effective learning experiences in every classroom. Each individual module seeks to explore a key dimension within teaching and learning and looks to develop participant's classroom practice across all phases.

Teaching sitting children


Over six modules, participants will be supported through a series of processes for increasing an ability to lead other teaching assistants, ensuring consistency and high expectations throughout the school.

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This programme has been designed around three key themes:

Theme One - Understanding the role

Module 1 - Accepting yourself as a leader

Module 2 - A Leadership Mindset
Issues explored include:

  • Recognising self-awareness as a key competency

  • Considering how leadership differs from being a leader

  • Determining how your actions are perceived by others

  • Recognising the importance of paying attention to context as a leader

  • Diagnosing possible future challenges and possible interferences, as a leader

Theme Two - Developing others

Module 3 - Supporting others to be the best version of themselves

Module 4 - Developing effective ways for continuous improvement

Issues explored include:

  • Leading effective professional development with colleagues

  • Creating successful professional learning communities

  • The essential competencies of a highly successful Teaching Assistant

  • Developing accountability and collective responsibility

  • Increasing variation and creativity within professional practice

Theme 3 - Consistency and expectations

Module 5 - High-quality interaction with every young learner

Module 6 - Developing approaches towards effective scaffolding

Issues explored include:

  • How professionals establish worthwhile approaches to high-impact interaction

  • Effective questioning and other essential skills

  • Feedback for learning and assessment strategies

  • The five levels of scaffolding

  • Considering the interpersonal, intrapersonal and cognitive domains of highly-effective teaching

  • Metacognition and learning behaviours

Session in Progress


Dates:  TBC
Timings : 9:30am to 11:30am
£200 P.P.  (+ vat)
- to include leadership e-workbook and resources

To provisionally reserve a place on this programme, please use the link below:

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