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Leading High-Impact Teaching in
Music Hubs and Music Services

(New for 2022/2023)

(A virtual professional development programme for Music Hub Leaders and Lead Teachers )

A consideration for all Music Hub Leaders and Lead Teachers

We can, whenever and wherever we choose, successfully teach all children whose education is of interest to us. We already know more than we need to do this. Whether we do it or not must finally depend on how we feel about the fact that we have not done it so far.

About this programme

This virtual PD programme has been specifically designed for leaders and staff appointed to lead teaching and learning across a Music Hubs/Music Services and will seek to increase an individual’s confidence in leading highly effective and rigorous professional learning experiences.

Clarity precedes Competence

Issues explored include:

  • The four key influences on pupil learning

  • A framework for high-impact teaching

  •  Being great - The competencies of the top 20% 

  • Quick wins for high-impact professional learning and development

  • Pedagogical precision

  • Cognitive load and CLT

  • Interaction and high-quality questioning

  • Metacognition and metacognitive behaviours

Team Meeting


  • Module 1 - A framework for high-impact teaching

    • Thursday, 3rd November 2022 (9am to 11am)

      • Participants will be introduced to a framework for high-impact teaching.  The framework is built around four cornerstones and focuses on the key influences on pupil outcomes in any learning situation.  Throughout this module, individuals will consider how this framework can best fit teaching and learning within a music hub.​

  • Module 2 - Towards professional mastery

    • Wednesday, 30th November 2022 (1pm to 3pm)

      • Module 2 begins to consider the competencies of a highly-effective teacher and how leaders, within music hubs, can create the conditions that support all teachers moving towards a level of professional mastery.  Individuals will explore a model for high human capital and processes that increase teachers' confidence and competence within their role.​

  • Module 3 - Being intentional as a teacher

    • Friday, 6th January 2023 (10am to 12pm)

      • For teachers to be the most effective versions of themselves, there is a need for intentionality.  Successful teachers are deliberate in their planning, delivery and evaluation of coherent and connect learning processes.  Module 3 will look at how leaders and lead teachers can ensure consistency in teaching by establishing expectations around a set of 'must haves' for every lesson.

  • Module 4 - Getting the basics right

    • Friday, 24th February 2023 (1pm to 3pm)

      • Module 4 begins to explore a range of essential pedagogical principles and techniques for high-impact teaching.  It is essential that Music Hub Leaders and lead teachers are ensuring all teachers are holding themselves accountable to a set of basic teaching strategies. ​

  • Module 5 - Building confidence around pedagogical principles

    • Tuesday, 28th March 2023 (1pm-3pm)

      • If Music Hubs are to offer the very best quality of teaching to those they serve it is essential that every leader and teacher are fully aware of the agreed pedagogical principles and are striving for precision in their use of these techniques.  Module 5 will support Music Hub Leaders and Lead Teachers in how they can support all teachers in increasing variation, within their practice, around these key principles.​

  • Module 6 - High-quality interaction

    • Tuesday, 9th May 2023 (1pm to 3pm)

      • Module 6 considers how interaction and dialogue can influence high-impact teaching.  Participants will explore the role of questioning, feedback and other dialogue-based strategies, within high-impact teaching, and how they can develop these essential skills with all teachers across their Music Hub.​

  • Module 7 - Developing learner attributes

    • Tuesday, 6th June 2023 (10am to 12pm)

    • Module seven considers the critical aspect of metacognition and how this can be developed within every music lesson.   Global research into impact of classroom interventions, identified metacognition as one of the classroom approaches with the highest effect size.  Participants will consider a  carefully selected toolkit of strategies that support every pupil in developing the skills of being an effective learner…in any situation.

  • Module 8 - Putting it all together

    • Tuesday, 5th July 2023 (10am to 12pm)

      • Module 8 supports Music Hub Leaders and Lead Teachers in considering the future of teaching and learning and how they will continue to embed a framework for high-impact teaching​.

Additional Information
Cost: £210 (+ VAT) per delegate
(** A 3rd person, from the same HUB/Service, will receive a 50% discount)
Cost includes:
  • All resources to deliver high-impact CPD within a Music Hub
  • e-workbook for participants
  • 1-to-1 support to help design and deliver CPD
Places will be limited to ensure effective collaboration and personalisation 

To book places on this high-impact programme, please use the link below.  For any enquiries or further information, please contact us directly:

e-mail :

Tel : 01202 267066

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