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Ensuring success throughout an educational organisation


This programme has been designed to explore the role of Assistant Principal (and other members of a school's Senior Leadership Team) in establishing and maintaining a highly successful school, built on the foundations of a strong, vibrant professional culture. For future educational leadership to have a continual impact, there is a need for all senior leaders to master and demonstrate a modern set of leadership practices.


  • To improve senior leadership by identifying core leadership practices and sustainable leadership competencies

  • To engage current and aspiring Senior leaders in a rigorous professional learning programme that increases leadership capital

  • To support senior leaders in increasing their ability to be able to influence others and increase organisational capacity for improvement

  • To increase professional awareness and understanding of how senior leaders can have the biggest impact on improving pupil outcomes, both directly and indirectly.

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Over six modules, participants will be guided through a series of processes for increasing capacity for improvement and to design and implement an appropriate strategy for whole school improvement that is focused on maximising pupil outcomes. It addresses the ‘big picture’ of what contributes to organisational success and the role played by Deputy Heads/Assistant heads in optimising cultural conditions that maximise learning through focusing on results.

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This programme has been designed around three key cornerstones:

1. The accountability of self

Module 1 - Understanding self-awareness as a senior leader

Module 2 - The context for high-impact 

Issues explored include:

  • The relationship between effective leadership and organisational capacity

  • Defining high performance leadership in the context of a modern school

  • The impact of senior leaders on the performance of other leaders

  • Outlining the key principles for future success within any school

  • Identify common barriers to increasing a school's capacity for improvement

2. The changing role

Module 3 - Identifying principles for total quality success

Module 4 - A deep dive

Issues explored include: 

  • How do we define success?

  • What got us to here will not get us to there...changes that must be addressed

  • Identifying systems and processes that shape success

  • Effective professional thinking and the development of an effective strategy

  • Critical analysis to identify future needs for total success

3. The future context

Module 5 - Ensuring real impact
Module 6 - Developing a learning community

Issues explored include:

  • How Senior Leaders work collectively towards embedding key principles for total success throughout a school.

  • Professional efficacy and sustainability - What does this look like in your school?

  • Two types of purpose - Aligning a school to both

  • Communicating and articulating a new vision for continuous improvement

  • Exploring relationships in leadership and how these act as key factors in professional engagement

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Dates:  To be released shortly 
Timings : Each module will be offered as 'twilight' sessions for China, Hong Kong and other S.E Asian countries.
£200 P.P.  (+ vat)
- to include leadership e-workbook and resources

To provisionally reserve a place on this programme, please use the link below:

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