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Do you use discussion articles and thing pieces to generate dialogue and deeper thinking in your staff meetings, leadership meetings and other professional development networks?

Carefully facilitated Professional Learning Communities can be a most effective process for engaging staff in deeper professional thinking and learning.  A carefully chosen blog article, think piece or discussion paper can be the perfect stimulus for an engaging and worthwhile professional 'dialogue circle' and can be hugely beneficial and productive in the creation of new professional knowledge and understanding.  

Enhancing Learning produce weekly/fortnightly blog articles and discussion pieces specifically designed to be used in professional development sessions.  They cover a whole range of leadership issues and aspects of teaching and learning.  They are written in a way as to promote deeper professional thinking and can be, at times, deliberately controversial.  They are often research-based pieces and, occasionally, opinion-based articles written around the personal views of the author.

We also provide school's with free resources that are linked to the articles, which might include classroom tools for teachers and teaching assistants or leadership resources aimed at supporting the development of key leadership practices.

If there are things you need...just let us know.

If you would like to be amongst the first to receive these articles, papers, think pieces and resources and would like them delivered straight to your inbox, just complete the form by following the link below.    

Our Resources Linked to Leadership and Teaching Articles

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