Total Quality Middle Leadership

Middle Leaders - The engine room of a school

This programme has been designed to consider the ever changing role of the middle leader and their contribution within a highly effective school.  The role of middle leader has changed beyond recognition and they are now expected to play a major role in effective and continual school improvement.   The role has changed from one of maintenance to authentic leadership and individuals are expected to step-up to this role.


This programme focuses on building a deep understanding about leadership and seeks to support delegates in developing the essential competencies, behaviours and attitudes required to successfully lead a team/subject area.  It will explore the key principles of effective educational leadership and a clear set of leadership practices and how an individual can embed these within their leadership approaches.


This programme has been designed around an inquiry-approach towards educational leadership , engaging participants in deep professional thinking and learning.  A range of learning processes and protocols will be adopted, ensuring full engagement and an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals at both a national and international level.

In the Classroom


This programme has been designed around three key cornerstones:

Cornerstone One - Understanding Purpose

The first two virtual workshops will focus on supporting participants in developing a greater awareness around the role of educational leader and the key responsibilities that accompany this role.

Module 1 - Developing leadership awareness

Module 2 - Taking the right steps and being responsible

Aspects explored during these modules include:

  • 5 key considerations for any leader 

  • Being proactive as a middle leader

  • The key questions that need to be asked and answered

  • Understanding where the journey starts 

  • How leader's influence others - Leadership accountability

  • Leadership capital is all about these 5 essentials

  • Defining a clear purpose 


Cornerstone Two - Leadership for Impact

The next two virtual workshops focus on supporting participants in how they look to influence whole school improvement. Leadership is an essential process that directly impacts on pupil outcomes across the whole organisation. 

Module 3 - The key elements for effective middle leadership

Module 4 - Taking responsibility...Why, What and How.

Aspects explored during these modules include:

  • Inquiring into impact - 4 main influences on organisational success and pupil outcomes

  • The influence of a leader - Being proactive and building greater influence

  • How does a middle leader inspire team and school-wide excellence?

  • Leadership is about continual improvement - Considering visioning and strategic thinking at a middle leader level

  • A model for improvement - Being self-directed and responsible.

  • Putting first things first - An ability to prioritise 

Cornerstone Three - All about  influence

The final virtual workshops  will focus on considering how a middle leader impacts on classroom practice...beyond their own classroom. The modules consider great classroom practice, what it looks like and what influence leaders have on ensuring exceptional outcomes for all pupils.

Module 5 - Two key words...Expectations and Consistency

Module 6 - Increasing variation around agreed principles

Aspects explored during these modules include:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning

  • A focus on human capital - How effective are we at doing the job we do?

  • Striving for consistency - A clear focus on pedagogical principles that have the greatest impact on pupil outcomes

  • Starting with a leader's beliefs - Recognising and clearly communicating values around effective teaching and learning

  • Identifying an agreed strategy for improving classroom practice - Everyone continually looking to get better.



Dates:  TBC
Timings : 3:30pm to 5:30pm
£200 P.P.  (+ vat)
- to include leadership e-workbook and resources

To provisionally reserve a place on this programme, please use the link below: