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Thinking Ahead

A high-impact, virtual leadership development programme for newly appointed Head Teachers and Principals

This programme will be offered through a virtual leadership learning community, enabling participants to connect with like-minded colleagues who are experiencing the same or similar journey in early Headship.

The programme will engage participants in deep leadership thinking and learning and each module will be built around current and relevant educational leadership topics.

Starts on 15th June 2022


Dates and Themes

15th June 2022 @ 10am

Module One -
Getting Clarity (around an ever changing role)

The first module supports delegates in securing confidence in their beliefs around successful Headship and the future of an ever-changing role


6th July 2022 @ 1pm

Module Two - 
Early Wins

Module 2 explores a number of strategies that a recently appointed Head Teacher can adopt to achieve early success, within the role, without creating tensions


29th September 2022 @ 10am

Module Three - 
A Deep Dive

Module 3 considers the key influences of organisational success and how a Head Teacher/Principal and Senior Leaders can engage in a rigorous analysis around each specific influence


15th November  2022 @ 1pm

Module Four - 
Continual Improvement (a way of being)

Module 4 unpicks the framing values that support a culture of continual improvement and how senior leaders embed these into the core of a school.


18th January 2023 @ 10am

Module Five -
Doing What Matters and Doing It Well

Module 5 focuses on the essential actions and tasks that sustain school improvement over the long-term.


9th March 2023 @ 1pm

Module Six -
Thinking Further Ahead

Module 6 looks at the future of educational reform and how successful school leaders continue to lead through periods of uncertainty.

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to include e-workbook, resources and access to 1-to-1 coaching